Terms & Conditions

By using King Bins services you agree to the following terms and conditions:
  • 1.Hazardous waste is not acceptable for disposal in our waste bins. This includes: radioactive waste, batteries, paint, tyres, mattresses, medical waste, asbestos, acids and liquids.
  • 2.The hirer is liable for the full disposal cost of any hazardous material found in the hired waste bin.
  • 3.Any fines imposed on the waste bin whilst in the possession of the hirer are the liability of the hirer.
  • 4.Full payment for the hire is required before delivery of the waste bin.
  • 5.The waste bin will be collected from the booking address at the end of the hire period. If the hirer wishes to have the bin returned before the date due, King Bins reserves the right not to refund any payment to the hirer.
  • 6.King Bins shall not be liable for any injuries caused to the hirer, their agents or third parties arising out of use of the waste bin.
  • 7.The hirer is liable if the waste bin is stolen or damaged in any way during the hire period.
  • 8.Should the waste bin be stolen, lost, destroyed, confiscated or impounded, the hirer agrees to pay King Bins the full replacement value.
  • 9.The hirer agrees that if a waste bin is unavailable for collection at the end of the hire period without prior notice, the bin shall be charged out at a rate of $88 per week plus $99 for callout (inc GST)
  • 10.The actual cost of King Bins or their agents in having to collect a waste bin at the end of the hire period due to the hirer's refusal or lack of access shall be paid by the hirer.
  • 11.The hirer also agrees to pay King Bins solicitors fees and court costs in having to take legal action to recover either the waste bin, the value of the bin or repair costs through the hirer not complying with the terms and conditions of hire.
  • 12.Bins are to be no more than level filled to the top of the bin in order to comply with the Road Traffic Act WA 1794. Any bin that is overloaded will not be picked up and a $99 inc GST call out fee will be incurred. King Bins waste management holds the safety of our employees and other road users in paramount consideration.

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